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D & V Plastics is a Toronto-based bakery supply business specializing in providing a range of durable and reliable products to businesses for over 20 years.

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Welcome to D&V Plastics - Plastic Crate, Bread Crate, and Tray Manufacturer

D&V Plastics Inc. is a company that understands the requirements of the bakery industry and produces supplies that make it easier for you to run your bakery business. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality plastic crates, bread crates, and trays for businesses of all sizes. Our products are designed to be both durable and lightweight, which are ideal for transporting and storing goods safely and conveniently. Thus, making us the most-trusted plastic crate manufacturers and also bread crate manufacturers in Ontario.

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Why Us

Ontario has an abundance of bakery supply companies, but our business stands out as a customer-first leader in the industry. Some of the reasons why our customers continue to love our Canada bakery supply products include:

  • Custom Baking Trays and Racks
  • Ability to meet large order quantities
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • On-demand delivery of our Canada bakery supply equipment
  • Versatility to meet changing and unique needs

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Really great customer service overall. And the prices are better than other companies! Great 1st time experience. Thanks guys
Leo Goglidze
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When starting up a business, gathering the right work equipment is always a challenge especially for first-timers. When I came up with the idea of a bakery I had no idea where I would get quality and durable baking trays for my business. Thanks to a good friend of mine who was already a customer to D and V Plastics Company, she introduced me and has never regretted anything about it.
Jamie S
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Our Facility

This dedication to quality is why our facility operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week: it is an effort to maximize our participation in the Ontario bakery supply sector.

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