Custom Products

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Products

We use custom plastic injection moulding, a highly versatile and efficient manufacturing process that has revolutionized the way plastic products are made. By using high-pressure machinery to inject molten plastic into moulds, this process enables us to create complex shapes with precision and speed. Despite its complexity, plastic injection moulding products can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of different industries including the bakery industry. Additionally, it offers numerous benefits including high production efficiency, low cost per unit, and minimal waste generation.

The process involves melting the plastic material and injecting it into an injection mould, where it takes the shape of the desired part. Plastic injection moulding is a game-changer for modern manufacturing processes. Bring us your mould and material and our latest custom plastic injection moulding machine will get your product manufactured in a jiffy! With continuous advancements in technology and materials science, we can expect even more innovative applications of this technique in the coming years.

We serve an array of clients using our advanced machine and provide them with plastic injection moulding products. While we follow this cutting-edge method to deliver high-quality and essential bakery supplies, we also ensure eco-friendliness by opting for high-density polypropylene materials. These materials are not just sustainable but also sturdy! Custom plastic injection moulding helps us help our clients in creating a distinctive brand name and identity!

Some of the products we made for our customers in the past:

  • Bakery trays
  • Cooling racks
  • Plastic racks
  • Flower pots
  • Dust trays