3 Advanced Baking Techniques That You Must Master

There are two major things that affect the final taste and aroma of perfectly baked cakes. One is the skills of the baker and the other one is the use of high-quality bakery supplies and ingredients such as the type of dough, butter, use of bakery trays, baking racks, mixers, oven and more. After mastering the basics of baking like measuring ingredients correctly and kneading the dough well, you can now progress to some advanced baking techniques that will help you create your own unique style and taste. 


3 tips for advanced bakers.  


Prepare The Pie Dough From Scratch

When you were foraying into the world of baking, it’s likely that you relied on premade crusts when it came to making pies. But now you can significantly step up your baking skills by making the crust by yourself. Begin by combining all the ingredients with the fat by using your fingers. This is where you can customize by adding different items to the dough. After mixing up the ingredients nicely, you now have a quality dough. Next, drizzle it with some apple cider vinegar and cold water before kneading it until it’s barely holding together so that it becomes soft and creamy. Once done, refrigerate it before making the pie and you will have an excellent signature pie on your hands.

Master How To Caramelize Sugar

Doing this task is easy but most bakers have forgotten to master this simple but extremely effective skill. You simply have to stir a combination of sugar and water into a slurry using a wooden spoon while placing it over medium heat until it boils. Depending on how you are going to use the caramel, you can go for a lighter shade or let it brown by keeping it in the heat for a longer time. To avoid solidifying the sugar again by overheating or over stirring, add a bit of lemon juice to the slurry. Mastering this skill should not be hard and will result in the creation of fantastic baked goods. 

Being Flexible In Adapting Recipes

There is no doubt that with the help of traditional ingredients, baking would be much easier and more convenient. However, there are cases when the recipes won’t work for everybody, especially those who are on a restrictive diet. This is when the baker must be skilled enough to adapt and customize recipes and use substitute ingredients to make the dish palatable for people with specific diets like vegans or those who are allergic to gluten. This entails knowing what ingredients to use as substitutes without sacrificing the taste of the baked goods.


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