3 Helpful Tips When You Are Baking In A Gas Oven

Though it’s true that gas ovens are very effective in baking compared to other oven types, utilizing them in your bakery business or even home baking requires careful consideration, especially in terms of how you use your plastic trays.


Here are some important tips on how to use gas ovens and what to do with your plastic trays:


Rotating the plastic trays as often as required

Depending on the required amount of your cooking time, you have to rotate the trays as often as necessary since a gas oven is known to have hot spots. Rotating the = trays can help you make sure that you will have evenly baked products. It would be a huge help to know those hot spots in your oven beforehand. Quick-cooking goodies like muffins and cakes may require a 90-degree rotation midway through final cooking. On the other hand, foods that need a longer time to cook will benefit from at least two or more rotations.


Placing the trays near the top of the oven

Gas ovens are notorious for having the tendency to have more ambient moisture. This makes the top of the food brown at a much slower rate. As such, if you need the browning process to speed up, you can move the trays higher to the top of the oven. The other option is to place another baking sheet above the baked good to make the heat bounce off it and enhance the browning process.


Using a pizza stone for even results

As the name implies, pizza stones are used for making pizzas but they are also a great tool that radiates heat very well for an even and steady baking. As such, placing it inside your gas oven for baking goodies can help a lot. You can place it on the lowest rack or on the oven floor. Then, place the trays with the products you are going to bake on the rack above the pizza stone and not directly over it. Doing so can burn the bottom of your baked items. A huge rectangular baking stone is perhaps the best option to perfectly match the shape of your gas oven.


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