3 Important Rules to Make Baked Goods with Bakery Trays

Whether you are a bakery owner or the head baker, you know that baking is a science that requires precision or even perfection. Apart from the regular bakery trays and other supplies, you need to have a great collection of recipes and follow them strictly. Unlike a pasta or off-the-cut roasted chicken dish, there are some rules that cannot be broken when it comes to baking.


Here are the three significant rules to use your bakery trays and supplies to perfection:


Rule #1. Use the exact right temperature

This is a very basic yet crucial rule that should not be ignored. Most baked products call for room temperature butter, milk, and eggs. Experts say that if you are going to bake, you have to either be patient or plan ahead. You can also try to leave the butter and eggs on your bakery trays overnight and begin baking in the morning. These ingredients come to perfect temperature while you sleep.


Rule #2. Invest in high quality bakeware

Thin or flimsy pans and bakery trays will not provide the right amount of heat conduction. This can make your pie, cake, pastries, and cookies to bake unevenly. Same applies when it comes to mixing bowls and other tools. It is also important to note that nonstick coatings do flake over time which can eventually put plastic residue into your treats. A better alternative is a sheet of parchment paper or a well-greased bakery tray.


Rule #3. Butter and flour generously

Once a recipe calls for a buttered or floured vessel, it is for good reason. That is to prevent the batter or dough to bake on and adhere to the surface in use. So you have to thoroughly butter up the pan or the bakery trays you are using in your business. Work on every cranny and nook which can get sticky. Same goes with flouring a surface: add more than enough, tip to coat fully, and tap out any excess. Ensure no part of the pan or tray is dry to avoid sticking.


Other baking rules include weighing and measuring the ingredients accurately as the recipe calls, not slipping up with the oven temperature and cooking time, and letting the baked goods cool completely. Ensure you own that high quality and durable bakery trays and backing supplies, get them from D&V Plastics. We can customize them to perfectly suit your business needs. We can even modify the color to complement your bakery design and have your bakery name into the trays.


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