3 Tips To Keep Your Baked Goods Fresh While Shipping


A baker's responsibility is not just limited to baking fresh and tasty food items. They are also responsible for shipping them to the customers while ensuring they remain intact. While most of us see bakery items kept on display through the glass on plastic trays, a lot of foodstuffs also go out to the customers, packed and stored in trucks. Read this blog to learn a few tips and tricks to make sure your bakery items remain fresh throughout the shipment.

3 Tips To Keep Your Baked Goods Fresh While Shipping 

Use plastic containers and ziplock bags:

Using containers and/or ziplock bags made of biodegradable plastic is an ideal option to store your food items. Placing them on a plastic tray and wrapping them with plastic wrap or storing them in a container or a ziplock bag is highly recommended. This would keep food items from mixing into each other and also prevent spilling.

Freeze before shipping:

One of the major issues faced during the transportation of foodstuff is them getting soggy. Consider freezing the food items to make them harder and more solid. This will help keep your items fresh throughout the journey. Following this step can also help you avoid using plastic storage containers or ziplock bags. The food will thaw or defrost throughout the shipment. However, this could leave some moisture, which can be dealt with by microwaving.

Keep flavoured items separate:

A baker usually ships many varieties of baked items together. If not packed and stored separately, they could mix with each other and lose their unique flavours. Segregating them also ensures easy loading and unloading.

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