3 Ways a Quality Plastic Tray Can Improve Your Bakery

Owning a small business can be difficult, owning and operating a successful business in the food service industry is extremely difficult. There are many factors that can go wrong when owning a business. More specifically, a lot can go wrong when running a bakery. At D & V Plastics, we can help your bakery rise and improve with just a simple plastic tray.


A high-quality plastic tray can make a world of a difference in your bakery!


The products used at your bakery can make or break your success. Unreliable baking racks and trays can lead to catastrophic mistakes and disasters while baking. Days of work can be lost due to inadequate trays that are unable to handle the needs of your bakery. Our plastic trays at D&V Plastics are lightweight, durable, and able of handling all of your unique baking needs.


Here are the three ways our plastic baking trays at D&V Plastics can help improve your bakery business:


-          No More Stickiness: Our plastic trays are made from high-density polypropylene. This material is great when baking because this plastic is a low-friction material. Sticking will no longer be a problem like it is with metal baking trays.

-          Customize Your Own: All of our trays are manufactured to your specifications. Designing and creating trays that are unique for your bakery is important to our team at D&V Plastics. Additionally, you can avoid property theft by branding your plastic baking trays with your company name or logo.

-          Longer Lasting: When compared to metal baking trays, plastic trays have the advantage of leaving no stains or rusting. A plastic tray will last longer in a bakery compared to a metal baking tray. In addition, metal trays are typically a more expensive option but do not last longer than our affordable and durable plastic baking trays.


At D&V Plastics, we are the industry leaders in Canada bakery supplies. We understand that there is more to baking supplies than just being durable. All of our products are functional and can be customized to suit your business needs. Call or email us today to learn more about the products we offer at competitive prices!