3 Ways to Stand Out Among Baking Competitors


Do you love to bake? Has it become something more than a hobby? Maybe you’re thinking about starting your very own business – as an independent bakery, or even as a large-scale supplier. Either way, you’ll want to ensure you set yourself apart from competitors in the industry.

But standing out in a crowd of talented bakers can be tough – some have been baking professionally for years, some have amazing baking supply equipment like durable baking racks that stand the test of time, or something unique like a special recipe that has customers and/or retailers coming back for more. But that should never prevent you from doing what you do best.


That’s why we have 3 tips for ways you can stand out among baking competitors.


1. Find Your Niche


Based on your craft, what is it exactly do you specialize in? Maybe you’re the best in the bizz for creating beautiful, hand-made wedding cakes – or maybe you’re number one for the most mouth-watering vegan cookies for dogs. Whatever ends up on your baking racks should be your most marketable feature. Become known for the thing that you do best.


2. Prioritize Customer Service


Cultivate a memorable experience for your customers by prioritizing excellence in customer service. Not only are your providing value for your customers, but word of mouth is an effective source of advertising. Leaving positive customer impressions will only serve to retain a solid base of loyal customers. To that end, prioritizing customer service can only work in your favour.


3. Invest in Quality Baking Equipment


If you’re going to make a living out of baking, it’s essential to invest in quality baking equipment. Reliability and durability are paramount in the success of your business – be sure to purchase what is necessary to yield the best possible results. From baking racks and trays, pastry bags and tips, whisks and bowls, commercial bakeware products, to the heavy duty equipment like a commercial grade oven, mixer, refrigerator and freezer – the last thing you want is to be underprepared, or have to purchase the same product more than once.