4 Bakery Supplies Needed for Mixing and Kneading

Baking is an art that involves many elements. Apart from the required skill set and experience, a successful baker also needs the right kind of bakery supply. A baker uses various ingredients to prepare cake, pastry, bread, or cookies. Thus, mixing and kneading are a part of a baker’s daily life.

There are many manual and mechanical methods to accomplish the task of mixing or kneading ingredients like dough, baking soda, egg yolk, caramel syrup, etc. Apart from this, a baker also needs sturdy plastic baking trays and containers to transport, store or display their items. D and V Plastics Inc. is a trusted brand for bakery supply in Canada. In this blog, we highlight the essential bakery supply for mixing and kneading.

Bakery Supply Needed for Mixing and Kneading


Wooden Spoon:
A baker should consider the texture of the mix before choosing the right kind of bakery supply. With the help of a wooden tool, a baker can efficiently beat or mix ingredients regardless of their viscosity. It is a relatively cheaper option and comes in various shapes and sizes.
Electric mixer:
An electric mixer is used to knead bread dough and comes with different types of attachments. It is a very handy tool for baking bread as it requires thorough mixing of ingredients. 
A whisk is used for beating ingredients together. It is majorly used to mix egg yolks and also dry ingredients like raisins and corn flour. One should go for an electric or a manual whisk as per the requirement.
A blender is an ideal bakery supply for home bakers. It helps in mixing together ingredients quickly and in small portions. Blenders are mostly used to prepare smoothies or icings for cakes and pastries. 
Apart from being a trusted bakery supply brand in Canada, D & V Plastics Inc. also considers customer satisfaction above all. Talk to us today about your baking needs!