4 Must-Have Traits of Custom Heat-Resistant Bakery Trays


Heat-resistant bakery trays are imperative, especially if you're working on a considerable number of goods daily. Steel was once an industry standard, but heat-resistant trays have gained more attention throughout the years because they are practical and longer-lasting than its predecessor. If you plan on replacing your aging trays, here are four must-have traits you should look for:

Always BPA Free

Bisphenol was once a part of many plastic products. While they're not dangerous at low levels, they can seep into food and beverages. It's important to use BPA-free, heat-resistant bakery trays strictly. Additionally, many sanitary and health inspections require plastic bakery equipment to be BPA free.

Must Be Free From Melamine

Melamine bakery trays might seem more desirable because of their improved lifespan and capability. However, they are extremely dangerous when they seep into food, especially if you're putting them through high heat levels in microwaves and ovens. At all costs, avoid using plastic products that use melamine as an ingredient for your trays.

A Long and Capable Lifespan

Quality manufacturers that do not use BPA and melamine have different manufacturing methods enabling them to produce high-quality trays with the most extended lifespan and capability. To learn more about this, make sure to ask these manufacturers about their plastic products' content and average lifespan. 

Caters to Your Everyday Cooling Needs

Most bakeries need trays that can address all their cooling needs. All kinds of confectioneries and baked goods need to cool down before you can package them. Additionally, presentation trays must withstand continuous low heat, which is essential for some baked goods too. Ensure that the trays you invest in will be suitable for all your needs. 

It's Easy to Find Dependable Tray Suppliers Near You

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