4 Reasons to Choose High-Heat Resistance Plastic Baking Racks

If not for high-quality, plastic baking racks, baked goods can end up being more difficult and expensive to manufacture. In the past, bakers have favoured stainless steel because of its exceptional durability, high-heat resistance, and other strong characteristics. However, the price of replacing these kinds of equipment is staggering.


With that said, plastic equipment has taken over, proving to have just as many benefits but with added advantages and cost-saving opportunities.


Here are four compelling reasons to choose heat resistant plastic trays for your bakery:


Won't Corrode Over Time

Steel baking materials have exceptional heat resistance, durability, and make for excellent cooling trays. However, their corrosion brings deadly contamination, and it's likely to happen due to the moisture-filled nature of most baked goods. With high-quality baking racks, you won't encounter this problem. Plastic trays do not corrode but still have exceptional heat resistance and durability.


No Risk of Brittleness

An alternative to metal baking racks is ceramics. They do not rust and have exceptional corrosion resistance. Furthermore, they have exceptional heat resistance of up to 1652F. However, they can turn brittle due to sudden temperature changes, which are frequent in any bakery. With exceptional high-density polypropylene, you have a tray that won't turn brittle despite high temperatures. 


Will Not Break When Dropped

Ceramic trays are hard and durable. However, sudden temperature changes weaken its core gradually. At some point, a single blunt force, such as a drop from any height, can shatter it into small pieces. With high-resistant racks, you won't encounter this particular problem thanks to its consistent and high-tensile strength plastic.


More Affordable and Fully Customisable

Plastics allow manufacturers, such as us at D&V Plastics, to mould and customise equipment based on your needs. Furthermore, you can order equipment in huge batches thanks to an automated, 24/7 working facility that automates high-quality production. 


D&V Plastics has been supplying the best bakery supplies for local confectioneries, breadmakers, and other companies that produce baked goods for over 20 years. Allow us to help you achieve success!