4 Tips on How to Properly Handle and Care for Your Plastic Baking Trays

The difference between a successful and struggling bakery lies in having the essential equipment and tools necessary to bake in large quantities and conveniently store all products. Among these “must-haves” is the plastic tray which is the staple of any commercial or small-scale kitchen.


With great developments in plastic manufacturing technologies, plastic trays continue to improve in capability, strength and utility.


They offer many advantages for manufacturers, bakers, stores, distributers and many others, including:


  •  Lightweight
  •  Highly durable
  •  Affordable
  •  Very versatile
  •  Non-conductive
  •  Odorless
  •  Easy to clean   
  •  Safe to use
  •  Recyclable


Despite the fact that plastic trays are built to be durable, you can ensure they last for decades with proper use. Here are some ways to increase the life-span and durability of plastic trays.


Keep them clean: The substances which are left on the plastic surface of bakery trays can tarnish its color and even warp its structural formation if strong enough. Cleanig them on a regular basis will avoid any chemical damage or staining.


Do not over-stack: For standard plastic baking trays, it’s advisable to have a maximum of 10 units per stack, and at most 15 for the smaller ones. This is to keep them in good shape without damaging their structural form from tipping.


Keep away from extreme heat: Plastic baking trays cannot handle extreme temperatures well, given the nature of plastics, which makes them less effective in high levels of heat. So, to ensure that they last longer, keep them away from ovens or furnaces.


Do not place them near corrosives: Strong chemicals such as acids and alkalis are likely to corrode the surface of plastic trays - wearing out the surface, hardening or fading it. In order to maintain them in perfect condition, make sure to prevent contact with corrosives.   


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