4 Tips To Clean Bakery Trays And Other Baking Equipment

If you're in the baking business, then plastic bakery trays are an absolute must-have for making cakes and other baked goods. But just like anything else that is heavily utilized, they start to wear out over time. Usually, this occurs in the form of small scratches over the surface, discolouration from high-temperature exposure and more. While it is inevitable, the life of bakery trays and other equipment can be prolonged by maintaining them well.

Here are 4 excellent tips to maintain bakery trays and other equipment: 

Clean Before They Get Stained


You should clean your plastic baking trays as soon as they get dirty. Ideally, you should do it as soon as you remove your baked goods from the trays and allow the moisture to dry up. Once it’s gone, be sure to wipe the tray, pan and other equipment with something soft, like a rag or paper towel. If you don’t clean it immediately, the unclean surface will attract more dirt eventually, making it much more challenging to clean them. 

Conduct Regular Inspection


Your kitchen inventory, including bakery trays, can get worn out pretty fast, creating problems during crunch time. To prevent this, always perform a routine inspection of all your equipment and check for any decay, loose screws, or minor repairs. By conducting such routine inspections, you can nip the maintenance problems in the bud before it spreads.

Stock Up On Inventory


While running a business, you would be well aware of the state of your equipment, especially the delicate ones that are prone to repairs. When this happens, they go out of commission, and prompt repairs might not always be possible. To save you precious time, consider stocking up on some parts of such equipment which you might need at very short notice. This way, you can replace them immediately and continue using the equipment without waiting for repairs.

Use The Right Cleaning Products


Certain materials should be cleaned only using particular cleaning products. For some, water might be enough, but for other cases, stronger cleaning agents might be required. For the former case, simply spray the cloth or towel lightly with water and gently rub it in a circular motion over the surface, wiping away any built-up dirt or residue. For tougher stains, it is highly recommended to use dish soap because it easily removes food stains. In case you are in doubt about what to use, follow the instructions from the equipment manufacturer.

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