4 Tips To Cook Better Using Baking Trays

Baking is usually a straightforward procedure if you have a liking for it or if you are an experienced baker. While steps like choosing the ingredients and mixing them are under your control, some are not. 

Even if you know your oven very well,  you cannot be sure that the outcome will be the same each time. However, there are a few ways to ensure uniformity while baking using bakery trays. Find them out below.

4 Tips To Cook Better Using Bakery Trays


Use the top rack for even browning:
Once preheated, the heating element on the bottom of the oven turns on and off throughout the baking process to maintain an even temperature inside the chamber. As a result, the heat rises from the bottom and settles at the top. This is why the top rack is the most consistent and perfect baking area if you want your cookies and casseroles brown.
Use the middle rack if using one tray at a time:
The middle rack is always the safest option for even cooking and baking as it is considered the middle ground. Always go with the middle section if you are baking or cooking one baking tray at a time.
Use the top/bottom third for batches:
If you are baking two bakery trays at once, place them on the top and bottom thirds of the oven. To ensure even cooking, rotate the trays and swap them halfway through cooking. Many bakers follow this technique when baking multiple batches of cookies or muffins.
Use the bottom deck for better crisp:
The bottom rack is closest to the heat source and is naturally the hottest zone inside the oven. If you wish to brown or roast the underside of your pizza, vegetable or bread, keep your trays at the bottom.
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