5 Clear Indicators of Aging Plastic Bakery Trays

Plastic bakery trays are a staple in any bakery. These trays serve as cooling areas for freshly-baked goods in need of cooling. Furthermore, plastic display trays showcase your products for public consumption. Over time, anything plastic will break down slowly. They will show these five signs that you need to replace them immediately.

Brittle Fracture

If your plastic bakery trays are showing brittle fracture and stress cracking, it's time for you to replace them. Portions of trays with small cracks and fissures indicate it's experiencing intense heat that radiates from freshly-baked products.

Stress Cracking

Most bakery products aren't massive, but the continuous load stress from daily operations will cause some of its parts to crack under duress. If you've been using your bakery trays for more than ten years, stress cracking will most likely show themselves in its many different areas.

Molecular Degradation

Plastic and food work well together because the chemical reaction of food's acids and bases are minimal. However, a small change is still a considerable contributor to actual molecular degradation in the next few years. This effect can yield food contamination and undesirable smells in the future.

Food Contamination

Contaminated food is a massive problem because plastic is a huge health hazard to any person who consumes it. Plastic that has continued to age will start to slowly decompose and fuse itself on surfaces with high temperatures, such as freshly-based food.

Undesirable Smells

The acid and chemical composition of food have highly likely affected plastics when the containers, trays, and racks begin to emit undesirable scents you cannot wash off. The spoiled ingredients and residue of food that fused with the supplies due to intense heat -- and bacteria living in it -- are the causes of these smells.

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