5 Effective Ways to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Baking Racks


Baking racks are a fundamental part to many bakeries across Ontario. When they're brand new, they’re integral to the daily operations and assist workers in achieving daily tasks. Unfortunately, they will suffer from major issues over time with improper care and services.

Here are four effective ways to extend their lifespan through proper maintenance.

Overnight Detergent Baths

Plastic baking racks are not negatively affected with the frequent use of detergent. If anything, the substance can prolong its lifespan because it completely cleans away fragments of food and other ingredients. Mixing water with detergent, and allowing the trays to sit in the wash during the entire night, helps remove life-shortening chemicals, readying them for the next day's use.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Bath

An alternative to detergents is a baking soda and vinegar bath at the end of the day. Alternatively, bakeries can use this solution to clean out residues after using trays for cooling and drying numerous times. You'll need to add baking soda across all your baking racks, then douse them with vinegar. 

Next-Day Ammonia Wash

Ammonia can be a dangerous and explosive chemical. It has flammable fumes, but these can clean baking trays thoroughly. A half quart of ammonia inside a completely sealed and uncompromised trash bag is enough to clean off any grime, stains, and undesirable odour from a baking tray. 

Lemon and Vanilla Extracts

If you have run out of detergent and have no baking soda and vinegar for cleaning, you can use lemon and vanilla extracts to clean out our trays for the following day. Citric acid and vanilla extracts can remove the annoying odour of baking trays you frequently use. 

Using Commercial Oven Cleaners

Because it has ammonia, commercial oven cleaners are dangerous and can cause incidents if you're not careful. Use rubber gloves, goggles, and masks to protect yourself from inhaling toxic fumes and having skin allergies or irritations. These cleaners can completely clean and sanitize your cooling racks.

If You Need Replacements, Only Use Dependable Manufacturers

D&V Plastics highly recommends that you replace your baking racks every 2-3 years, or sooner if you feel like yours haven’t been maintained to optimal conditions. If you have yet to find a reliable supplier, you can always count on us for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the options we can offer your business!