5 Reasons to Choose Plastic Baking Trays

Choosing the right equipment for one’s baking needs is an important step in the process of setting up a bakery. A lot of bakeries rely on plastic baking trays because they're the most affordable products. Additionally, they're light, portable, and convenient to store. If you are confused whether to use plastic trays or not, here are five reasons why you should.


Five reasons to choose plastic baking trays



Easy to Mould 

High-quality plastic baking trays are synthetic polymers with sufficient additives that resist heat and introduce exceptional malleability. Renowned plastic manufacturers, such as D&V Plastics, achieve top-level results with their products due to this factor. Furthermore, they customise plastic into any tray mould and shapes that easily fit together.

Exceptional Physical, Mechanical, and Chemical Resistance

Plastic manufacturers have an in-depth knowledge about the best additives that enhance the physical and mechanical capabilities of plastic baking trays. Exceptional trays use these additives to attain these features, including chemical resistance. 

Heat Resistant

Manufacturers use their patented additives to ensure that their plastic trays can tolerate contact with any material at high temperatures beyond 100 degrees Celsius. Due to the heat resistance that plastic baking trays offer, they are the best option for allowing baked goods fresh out of the oven to cool down. 

Affordable High-Quality Products

Plastic such as recycled waste plastic material is readily available for most manufacturers. Choosing recycled plastic enables them to drive down their manufacturing costs, which enables many bakeries to have accessible and affordable plastic trays for replacements.


You can trust dependable manufacturers to have the safest protocols when it comes to the manufacturing of plastic baking products. D&V Plastics ensures that all its products undergo thorough testing for quality-control and take extra measures to ensure zero contamination even under the duress of your daily operations. 

You can always count on us at D&V Plastics to supply you with the best baking trays for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of products.