6 Efficient Tools for Bakers: Baking Racks, Hand Mixers and More

Bakeries need a good inventory of tools because their work involves precision, accuracy, and volume. Thankfully, the industry has grown to supply the smallest bakeries with affordable baking racks and other tools.   


If you're planning to get started on your baking journey, here are six tools you'll want to have, including baking racks and more:


Oven Thermometer

These oven-specific thermometers can handle the heat and accurately tell you all about the baking process. Most ovens do have their respective thermometers. However, they aren't always accurate and are challenging to calibrate. Specially-made oven thermometers will always yield highly accurate temperatures.


Baking Racks

Your baked goods need to cool afterward. However, steel baking racks are expensive and perform poorly at dissipating heat. Silicone baking racks from high-quality manufacturers, such as D&V Plastics, provide you the fastest means to cool down your baked goods.


Silicone Baking Mats

You've probably heard bakeries complain about the rising parchment paper prices. With silicone baking mats, you're simultaneously helping the environment and your budget. They're excellent because nothing sticks on them and they are easy to clean!


Cookie Scoops

Baking cookies and cupcakes become easier with cookie scoops. Most manufacturers sell these scoops as a set. With various sizes on hand, you can create a wide variety of cookie, cupcake, and ice cream shapes when you need them.



Without sifters, most flour and leaveners would likely have air lumps. Thankfully, hand-crank sifters are greatly affordable. Plus, you'll save time sifting through your dry ingredients without the added stress.


Rolling Pin

No bakery is complete without a set of rolling pins. If you can find one, use marble rolling pins because they can cool down dough fast.


Always Use D&V Plastics for Your High-Quality Cooling Racks

When it comes to high-quality baking racks, you can always trust D&V Plastics. We've been supplying high-quality plastic baking racks for efficient cooling for decades. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.