Add a Professional Touch with Stylish Baking Racks

Baking racks can be highly ornamental with scrolls, designs on sides and back or just look like plain simple racks. In the past, these racks were quite simple racks used to cool hot items from the baking oven. Modern baking racks, on the other hand, are quite versatile and can be put to a lot more uses. Good quality racks can make a world of difference to your brand as well as sales. With D&V Plastics, you never have to settle for standard display racks and trays. Instead of providing their customers with one-size-fits all baking trays- and racks, these bakery products suppliers specialize in manufacturing customized products. Their items suit a host of different businesses, including bakeries, restaurants, retailers commercial kitchens.

As a baker, when you are distributing your goods, you want them to be displayed well and attractively, as proper presentation will encourage customers to rather buy from you. The D&V Plastics team are able to work with their customers to bring their tray- and rack ideas to fruition. All work is performed in-house, and their facilities and machinery are more than able to keep up with demand.

Racks and Trays which go One Better

As a family run business, D&V Plastics have been in the business for decades, and their custom display racks and trays are quality products, made with High Density Polyethylene Materials that give their products a robust stacking strength of 600 lbs. You can be sure you are getting superior products because D&V Plastics are held to the strict standards required under their UL certification. 

You can contact D&V Plastics anytime you need to find out more about their popular bakery trays and baking racks which hold all your fresh baked products on display. Being experts in providing these display items, D&V Plastics can also provide racks and trays with your company logo on them, which looks professional and discourages theft. D&V are Canada's leading source for quality and trendy bakery displays.