Additional Safety Precautions for Your Bakery

Having a bakery can be a rewarding business. However, some baking processes can be dangerous. As such, strict regulations exist to help prevent mishaps. In addition, as a bakery owner, you are always working to ensure that your equipment and ingredients, such as bakery trays or eggs, are up to the standards of the industry.

Still, accidents are not uncommon. Here are some additional things to keep in mind when thinking about the safety of your bakery:

1. Slipping and falling on slippery or obstructed floors is probably the most common accident in bakeries. This is why materials, supplies, and products have to be stacked neatly on bakery trays to keep the production areas clear and to prevent spillages. A diligent and observant worker should be on site to quickly clean up spills and post necessary warning signs in slippery areas. 

2. A lot of bakery equipment also pose crush or cut hazards, such as mixing arms, mixers, pie or tart machines, and dividers. It is crucial to keep them in good condition and install guards for the dangerous parts. In addition, employ safety devices and practice lockout-tagout in times of equipment service and maintenance. Post warning signs for equipment with moving or dangerous parts.

3. Moving and handling heavy ingredients, cooking vessels, mixing bowls, and bakery trays may cause muscle injuries if not done right. It is necessary to use proper mechanical aids or techniques such as carts to move any heavy items. Always tell your workers to secure each load they move or carry because it can cause injuries to others if a fall happens during transport. Proper organization of the work area is also very important for the convenience and safety of everybody moving in and around the production area.

4. Hot surfaces are also very common in bakeries, particularly in ovens, cooking pans, and warming bakery trays. They can cause serious burn issues and so the use of gloves in handling those items is a must. It’s a good practice to avoid and minimize splashes when pouring hot liquids and ingredients and to put labels and guards on hot water vessels or pipes.

As you can see, there are many sources of injuries or accidents that can happen in a bakery, but only if you are not careful. These problems should be easily avoided if you are mindful and run a professional space.