Allergies in the Bakery Industry

The Canadian bakery industry has undergone a huge revolution with new diets and allergies becoming a prominent feature for consumers. Bakeries have had to meet the need by altering their menus, and catering to the new demands. Along with this has come a concern for hygiene, as many allergies cannot allow for cross contamination. To meet this, bakeries have had to segregate cooking areas, and become more aware of their baking space. Especially for Toronto, bakery supply has become incredibly important as hygiene is an issue. If you have a gluten allergy, here are some tips for eating out.

At D&V Plastics we know the urgency of having hygienic trays. As a top tier Toronto bakery supplier We have been using high quality, high density polyethylene to produce strong trays and bakery trays for our customers. High quality bakery supply is in high demand, and we’ve been able to meet that demand by providing our popular trays that stand up to the task.