Bakery situations that cry out for a plastic tray

Stainless steel baking trays are slowly losing their prominence amongst traditional bakers in the Greater Toronto Area. Once revered for their ability to conduct and resist heat, a useful property for controlled cooling of baked goods, their excessive maintenance to avoid rust and corrosion takes away from the precious time bakers look to save whenever possible.

Advancements in the development of plastic trays have paved towards replacing steel trays of past. 

Bakery suppliers, like D&V Plastics, supply heat-resistant and non-contaminating plastic baking trays that are designed to free up precious time for bakers across Toronto.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with a handful of the situations where they can help your bakery shine:

Processing large orders

Batch orders can be logistical nightmares, especially if the client gives you an unrealistic deadline to meet. This lack of time becomes more aggravating when your stainless steel trays show signs of possible rust contamination during your confectionery cooling process. With custom plastic trays, you won't have problems with contamination and corrosion to weigh you down.

Old and deformed trays

If your bakery is in possession of plastic baking trays that have been manufactured with outdated modalities, you might need to replace them if they start deforming. Plastic baking trays that emit a burning plastic smell or have deformed or bent areas because of heat will need replacement. It's even possible the tray's plastic is contaminative. Custom plastic trays from D&V Plastics are non-contaminative and heat-resistant, allowing your products to cool properly without worry.

Mass production to accompany your baking journey

Consistently mass-producing baked products and confectioneries will take a toll on baking trays, be they steel or plastic. With custom plastic trays, D&V Plastics will adapt them to suit your operations, giving you equipment that can withstand significant volumes of work for the longest possible lifespan.

Customisation is just an inquiry away

D&V Plastics has been providing top-shelf baking trays, equipment, and other accessories bakeries need for efficient daily operations. In doing so, we have helped many companies in the GTA achieve their production goals. If you need replacement trays, contact us to learn more about everything that we can do for you.