Bakery Trays and Gas Ovens: 4 Essential Baking Tips


While it’s true that gas ovens are more efficient compared to others, using them in your bakery or while baking at home requires careful consideration. Here are four helpful tips on how to use gas ovens during baking and what you should do with your bakery trays to achieve deliciously-baked goodies.

Working with a gas oven can be tricky, follow our four tips on how to maximize your bakery trays usage!

-  Tip #1: Rotate the Trays Often

Depending on the length of your cooking time, you must rotate the trays once or twice because gas ovens are known to have hot spots. Rotating your bakery trays ensures that you will have evenly baked products. If the oven is used often, particularly in a bakery, it would be helpful to know these hot spots by mapping them out. Quick baking treats like muffins and cakes may need a 90-degree rotation midway through final baking. While foods that need longer time to cook will benefit from more rotations.

-          Tip #2: Place the Trays Closer to the Top

Gas ovens have the tendency to have more ambient moisture. This, in effect, makes the top of the treats take longer to brown. When you want to speed up the browning process, move the bakery trays closer to the top of the oven. Another alternative is to place a second baking sheet above the treats to make the heat bounce off and quicken the browning process.

-          Tip #3: Use a Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are primarily used for making pizzas, but they are also a great tool that helps radiates heat for an even and steady rate of cooking. As such, placing it inside your gas oven on the lowest rack or on the oven floor will help when baking treats. However, make sure that your unbaked goodies are placed on a rack above the pizza stone and not directly over it, doing so can burn the bottom of your tasty treats. A large rectangular baking stone is the best option to best match the shape of your oven.

-          Tip #4: Increase the Heat

The inside of a gas oven has humid atmosphere, making it hard for the baked foods to turn as crispy as you might desire. When you are baking treats designed to be crispy, turn up the oven heat by 25°F. Yet, be cautious of your baking time as it will change or become slightly shorter. Be attentive as the baking time ticks away and check for visual cues that your baked goods are ready!

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