Can Canadian Bakery Supply Products Be Repaired?

While dough and other culinary ingredients are the most crucial aspect of a bakery, there is a set infrastructure in place to help run the business. In Canada, bakery supply manufacturers majorly produce bakery trays, racks, and other plastic equipment that confectioneries, bakeries, and other businesses offering baked goods may need. These manufacturers take pride in providing their supplies with the most extended lifespan and capability possible. However, even bakery supply products of exceptional quality will break down and become brittle after years of use.


Thus, the big question is, can Canadian bakery supply products be repaired?


Is it advisable 

In most cases, bakeries use plastic baking supplies, hence reusing and fixing broken and melted plastic trays for the sake of cost-cutting or meeting a deadline is considered an option. However, it is not advisable to perform any form of repairs with your plastic equipment.


The Rationale

Many bakery supply products in Canada are made out of high-density polypropylene. This material helps the equipment retain its form and prevent food contamination, unwanted scents, and other problematic symptoms within its ten-year lifespan. Therefore, to avoid any hiccups in your daily baking routines, take inventory of each of your equipment's lifespan. Some top-performing bakeries keep an inventory of unused stock trays to replace defective items that have only spent 2 to 5 years in service before breaking down. However, this procedure might be impossible for smaller operations from a logistical standpoint. Therefore, it's best to collaborate with top-shelf manufacturers, such as us at D&V Plastics, for immediate replacements of baking racks, bakery trays, and more. 


In Conclusion

To summarize, there is no viable way to repair your faulty bakery supply products. The best course of action is to plan and procure spare equipment to replace the older equipment, which helps avoid delays. Additionally, you can offset your new investment by selling your used bakery supplies and equipment to reliable recyclers.


At D&V Plastics, we can cater to all your bakery infrastructure needs to catapult your business to the next level. For fresh orders, customizations, and replacements, contact us today.