Characteristics of the Best Baking Racks for your Bakery

The baking racks you use to transport serve products for your business are crucial for daily operations. Of course, when you run a bakery, there isn’t a day that goes by where these handy trays make an important appearance in your facility, which is why it’s important you have the right racks for the job! The custom options available from D&V Plastics will enable you to get exactly the right tools to help you to brand your business while keeping up with the toughest industrial uses.


Our industrial and custom-made baking racks mean many benefits for your business:


·         Our baking racks are made by the most powerful and precise machines we can work with –  two Nissei FVX660 Hybrid machines that raise the bar when it comes to injection molding. Thanks to a clamping pressure of over seven hundred tonnes, the high density polyethylene trays that result from using these machines are capable of withstanding stacking strengths of around 600 pounds.

·         Thanks to the aforementioned machines, our 8,100-square-foot facility and highly experienced team are capable of creating exceptional orders in bulk. We are routinely capable of creating as many as sixty plastic products per hour, which means extremely fast turnaround times for you.

·         Our custom tray options mean that your bakery can use racks and trays that have been designed with your unique brand in mind. Whether it’s a specific colour, design, or logo that you need adorning these important items, we can design them with those ideas in mind.


When you need baking racks for your business, you need the best the industry can offer. These handy trays can be used to support industrial baking applications, and are custom-designed for your unique brand. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important part of our entire process, so give us a call today, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure you have only the best in bakery supply for your business.