Choosing The Right Plastic Tray For Your Bakery

 We have enumerated the benefits of the plastic tray for baking severally before. And our customers agree that their bakery business has benefitted no end from their using a plastic tray instead of a metal one.


Whereas a plastic tray will naturally bring attributes such as being non-stick, requiring less greasing, more even heating, corrosion resistance and easier cleanup, that is not where the story ends, however. Your choice of plastic tray can still affect your baking in subtle ways.


Read on to find out what other considerations you must be aware of when selecting and custom designing your plastic tray.


Size – The size of the plastic tray will affect your baking no end. If you are baking something that will take the shape of the tray, then be sure to get a plastic tray which suits your baking requirements. The dimensions of the plastic tray and its depth will influence not only how your food looks, but also how it cooks. If you are using your plastic tray as a placeholder for smaller items, such as cookies, then it is probably better to go with a larger tray.


Colour – This is a factor that most people do not consider when selecting their plastic tray. Darker trays will absorb more infrared radiation – heat – and will get hotter, whereas a pan with a lighter colour will stay at a slightly lower temperature. Again, depending on what you use the tray to bake, this decision could be used to your benefit. For breads, for instance, a darker tray will help get dark and crispy bottoms. However, that is not something that would be preferred for cookies.


Shape – The shape of the plastic tray must also suit your needs – and fit in your oven. Circular trays can help cut down on the implements you need to use to shape a rectangular tray for your particular application. However, rectangular trays can maximize the space available for your baking. When deciding on the shape of your plastic tray, make absolutely certain that it conforms to your oven and it will be accommodated adequately.


At D&V Plastics not only do we offer a great range of plastic trays, we also customize our trays to our customers’ requirements. In addition to colour choices, we also offer customers options to emblazon their logo on the tray and can offer a number of other customizations.