Classification Of Plastic Trays And Other Products Using Resin Identification Code

If you own and operate a bakery, then you must be aware of plastic baking trays that are often used to cool and store various baked goods. What you may not know, however, is that there are many different types of highly specialized plastics even in the foodservice industry that are all safe for use as per FDA regulations, and can be differentiated by numbers, known as resin identification codes. These codes come in handy when plastic products are recycled.

Here’s a brief look at how plastic trays and other types of products can be classified. 

01- PETE or PET

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a durable lightweight plastic that is quite rigid in nature. As a result, it’s best used for storing liquids such as water, juices, milk and other viscous fluids. 



HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene and can be characterized by its hard and opaque exterior. In spite of its toughness, this material is incredibly light, making it a useful food storage option. 


3- PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is a well-known plastic that is used outside of the foodservice industry as well. Lightweight, flexible and strong, it is extensively used in medical packaging due to its ability to withstand chemical and biological corrosion. 



In applications requiring high thermal resistance and flexibility, low-density polyethylene is the best match. Also an integral part of the baking industry, LDPE is used to store loaves of bread and other similar products.


5- PP

Polypropylene or PP, is one of the most versatile plastics of the lot. Lightweight, sturdy but less brittle than its counterparts, it can be made opaque, transparent or translucent depending on the application. High-density polypropylene, a tougher version of PP is mainly used to make quality plastic baking trays, such as those manufactured by D&V Plastics, and can even be used in ovens and dishwashers due to its high-temperature resistance.

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