Cleaning Plastic Baking Trays and Racks

As Canada’s bakery supply experts, we at D and V Plastics have long been responsible for bringing the best baking equipment to bakeries everywhere in the country. Our plastic baking racks and trays have helped boost the productivity and efficiency of many a bakery, providing more consistent results and being easier to work with, maintain, and store.


Indeed, one of the biggest advantages of plastic bakeware is how easy they are to clean.


When designing our products, we make sure that every aspect of the product is fine-tuned for functionality and convenience, and that includes the cleaning of said product.


Our hardened silicone technology is naturally stick and rust-proof. Furthermore, its smooth and heat-resistant surface means that you no longer need to oil or grease the trays, reducing grime and making cleaning much easier. It is this durability and quality of our products that has made us the best Canadian bakery supply business.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning plastic bakeware:


  1. Soak the bakeware in lukewarm to warm water that has been mixed with dish soap. Keeping your bakeware soaked for a while before scrubbing eases the process dramatically. It is also incredibly convenient – you can prepare a tub of soapy water long beforehand, simply tossing the trays or racks in when you are done using them.
  2. Only use nonabrasive sponges to scrub your bakeware. The softer, smoother surface of plastic trays and racks means that they are susceptible to scratches. These scratches can ruin the integrity of the tray, potentially dampening their non-stick and insulating properties.
  3. Try to soak or at least rinse your bakeware as soon as possible after use. Many people often make the cleaning process much tougher simply by allowing gunk to build up and sit for too long.


As Canada’s top bakery supply, it is our responsibility and pleasure to spread awareness about baking tips and tricks. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles!