Different Baking Trays

Bakeries need to do all it takes to understand the tools they use in their daily operations. Baking trays are among the most important mandatory tools that a baker needs for daily operations. They are made of metal so they can withstand the high temperatures they’re put through inside heavy duty ovens used for baking. They are also designed to effectively distribute heat among all the food spread across the tray. The material used to make baking trays also needs to be easily cleaned, as baking facilities must stand up to food and health regulations. D&V plastics is the solution for your bakery products as we provide exactly what the customer wants and they don’t compromise on quality.

Some of the best varieties are the ones of standard size and shape that are generally used by bakers, made of materials that can’t change their initial shape in case it falls or gets too hot. Here are some of the varieties available when it comes to baking trays:

Electrolux extended trays, these ones as their name suggests, are able to expand in size depending on the oven they are placed in. There are also usable within normal ovens as they are so versatile. They are also covered with Teflon; a material that ensures no food that sticks onto the tray when being cooked. For bakers of sheet cakes, pizzas and any other homemade dish, this is the perfect tray to have.

Leisure oven trays are another one well known tray, used for baking items in large quantities as they are big in size. They are also quite tough, ensuring no warping our spills will take place while the food is being cooked.

Lastly, the leisure baking tray; this one is flat and also moderately thin. This design is preferred for the production of biscuits, cookies, pastries, and cakes among others. They are also strong enough to withstand high temperatures but are also lightweight, making transportation a breeze.

These are some of the common models of bakery trays that any customer can trust for consistent results and durability.