Explained: Why Bakeries Use Baking Racks

 A baking rack is just a fancy bakery term for a simple tray or a worktop, right? Yes, if you want to undo your good baking, create a mess and serve customers an inconsistent product, then definitely, a baking rack is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you want your baker goods to come out well, taste the same batch after batch and reduce the cleaning effort and clutter in your busy bakery, then a baking rack is a must-have item in your kitchen.


Bakeries rely on baking racks to help their baked goods get a consistent taste, and help run an efficient operation. 


We discuss some actual functions that baking racks serve – and not mere conveniences that are often mistakenly assumed by many.


  1. Cooling – Baking racks are designed to allow even ventilation. So, once you take your cookies or whatever else out of the oven placing them on a well-designed baking rack will allow them to cool quickly. The faster they cool the faster they go on sale. Properly cooled, the less the chances of the bottoms of the baked goods getting soaked by escaping steam.

  2. Draining oil – The correct baking rack will let an y excess oil or residue run off from your baked goods quickly and effectively, rather than letting it percolate with whatever you have backed, ruining its look and taste.

  3. Organization – A baking rack is a good way to keep organized. Placed in their designated areas, baking racks can be allocated for the different goods you are baking. Moreover, with customized baking racks (color, logo and design) you can simply swap out baking racks in display cases. This keeps you from over-handling your product, potentially damaging it, and reduces time spent moving the product. That, and baking racks can be stacked.

  4. Cleanliness – Baking racks can make workspaces much, much cleaner. Preventing crumbs and residue from dripping and running across workspaces, baking racks leave behind a clean surface. This means increased working room for you and your staff, and less time wiping down every surface before using it.


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