How Bakeries in Toronto Are Defining Their Supply Needs

Many a baking business in Toronto are, quite naturally, reliant upon the equipment a Toronto bakery supply can provide.


Nevertheless, defining your role in the marketplace can pay dividends towards setting yourself and your bakery up for success.


This all starts with the classification of bakeries that exist out there. Once you’ve gotten a foothold on this, your half-baked foray into the industry can become a full-baked success by allocating your supply needs.


Bakeries fall into two distinct categories, retail and wholesale. While they can produce baked goods that are similar in nature, their requirements and customer base vary a great degree:


What is a Retail Bakery?

The most common style of bakery, selling baked goods directly to the customer, they are known for dedicating front and back spaces to the act of baking and selling items.


Retail bakeries are known to take on various permutations, some specialise in baking within a narrow sliver of products, such as breads and cakes, while others establish their business within more general baking parameters. The one thing, however, all retail bakeries share in common is their need for a Toronto bakery supply.


Naturally, these needs vary depending on the establishment in question, for example, bakeries dedicated to producing cupcakes and wedding cakes are prone to requiring more custom or specialised baking paraphernalia. In stark contrast to something along the lines of a bakery café that sells items on a broader scale, thus requiring an increased supply of prefabricated equipment.


What is a Wholesale Bakery?

In a lot of cases, eateries and even other retail bakeries source their baked goods from what is known as a wholesale bakery. These bakeries work in bulk, selling off their baked produce not to the customer, but to other businesses.


By and large, wholesale bakeries exist to serve the needs of the commercial market. Because of this, they have a number of characteristic features that differ from their retail counterparts:


  • Larger than retail bakers.
  • Built around efficiency; delivering volume is king, meaning attractive front spaces are not of concern.
  • Not situated in high-traffic areas, real-estate and delivery convenience take precedence.


It would be a hard ask to find a wholesale bakery that is not heavily reliant upon a Toronto bakery supply. With the volume of baked goods being orders of magnitude higher than retail bakeries, the demand for robust equipment, like baking trays, become focal to streamlining the work at these facilities.


Set Your Bakery Up For Success

As evidenced, a reputable Toronto bakery supply is at the heart of any successful bakery operation. We at D&V Plastics are honoured to have formed a symbiotic relation with a large number of bakeries throughout Ontario over the past 20 years. This has been achieved by remaining steadfast and never compromising on the quality of our plastic baking trays. Reach out and learn how partnering with us can elevate not only your flour, but also your business.