How Business Owners Are Protecting Their Bakery Trays

Bakery trays are the backbone of any baking operation. Whether a small bakery or an industrial baking operation, plastic trays are incumbent in virtually all operations of the business. Be it in the baking process, preparation, cooling, display for customers or something else, bakery trays are essential.


Bakery trays, especially high quality plastic ones, do not come cheap. Coupled with the fact that bakeries require not one or 10, but hundreds if not thousands of bakery trays, the cost can be considerable. And the lure for thievery equally so. In fact, it is estimated by the American Bakers Association that the loss to bakeries due to tray theft is somewhere in the region of $75m annually.


Customizing bakery trays to make them look distinctive will have tremendous deterrence value. 


Reducing the incidence of bakery trays being appropriated will require methods more novel than simply 'tightening' security. By making bakery trays more unique and distinctive, businesses can enhance their own brand while reducing the appeal of illegally acquiring trays. And bakeries can have some fun too. Customised plastic bakery trays are a great way to showcase your brand and bring some life into your kitchen. In this piece we look at what elements of bakery trays a baker can tailor:


-          Form – Our trays are moulded from high quality plastic. And with the latest machines we are able to offer a highly agile product. It means the shape and size of bakery trays can be tailored to suit your needs.

-          Colour – Choosing your own distinctive colour is a very simple and effective way of giving your trays a unique look. With such obvious distinction and some brand value, thieves will be deterred from buying these.

-          Logo – Emblazon your logo onto the tray and all of a sudden you have marked your bakery trays with indisputable proof that the trays belong to you and anyone else using them is doing so criminally. It will help deter theft no end.