How the Plastic Tray Came to Make Its Place in Baking

 Ask any professional baker if they like their baking to be sticky; whether they like to coat all of their baking trays in oil; or spend thousands of dollars on non-stick paper and the like for their bakery business, and the unsurprising answer you will get is a resounding no.


In the days before the plastic tray became such a formidable tool in the bakery business, bakers would still rely on implements that were either coated in silicone or could reproduce its properties. What’s more, to give their baking the unique shapes that customers love so much, bakeries would rely on relatively fragile shaped metal trays – shaped till misshapen, something that could happen with even one careless knock.


Plastic trays have brought a number of functional benefits to professional bakery businesses. We take a look at some advantages of using a plastic tray in baking.


Non-stick – The plastic tray, as we alluded to earlier, is the champion of non-stick baking. Dramatically reduced costs for non-stick supplements required for metal trays, reduced waste and reduced effort in cleaning. In fact, your customers benefit from this too, as less oil and greasing means your baking is healthier.


Easy to clean – A plastic tray is much easier to clean than a metal tray. Not only is this as a result of the reduced oiling and greasing at the very off, silicone itself is a non-stick material. Run under the tap or gently bent, any sticky substance will come right off.


Versatility – The plastic tray is extremely versatile. Instead of having to change trays for baking and storage, the plastic tray on which baking is done can simply be slotted into the freezer too. This reduces the duplication in implements, and reduces the clutter around your kitchen.


Customizable – A plastic tray is inherently customizable. Other than the colour and your distinctive logo or brand trait, a plastic tray can be used to accommodate unique shapes. Moulded from plastic, these trays can take on virtually any shape – and retain it through a knock or two, too!


Durability – Nobody likes to see their brand new baking implements turn black in a few days, or bend or break far too quickly. And the plastic tray doesn’t. Silicone trays resist discolouration and staining extremely effectively. What’s more, they are able to shrug off light knocks, and do not get bent out of shape.