How To Display Your Baked Goods To Drive Up Sales

When it comes to driving up sales, keep in mind two important things. First, you should have a great product. If you are a bakery with a range of exciting recipes, chances are your products are fantastic. But there’s more to sales than just a great product—the presentation is key. When creating your bakery’s display case and arranging your products on their plastic trays, make sure you’re doing so strategically.


In this blog, we share with you our gold star tips on designing a display case that will drive up sales:


Be Dynamic

If your display case looks the same throughout, it will not draw much attention. Add some variation to your displayed products. Try innovative packages or wrappers, such as decorated boxes or colourful plates.


Stay On-Brand

Don’t get too carried away with an extravagant, colourful display. Make sure your products still reflect your brand’s aesthetic. If your café is known to be eco-friendly, adding wood textures and green colours is a great idea. Stick to the colours and styles that your consumers love.


Appeal To The Senses

Keep your display shelves are smudge-free and sparkling clean. Add more lighting to showcase your displayed items. And of course, let the oven work its magic and fill the air that delicious bakery smell. Consider labeling your plastic trays with fun labels, such as “fresh out of the oven!”


Display On-The-Go Items

In our fast-paced world, many customers have busy days. Offer a great selection of on-the-go foods that take into account peoples’ lifestyles.  In the morning, for instance, you can display a combo breakfast meal that includes a pastry and a cup of coffee.  


Avoid Empty Space

Don’t leave the hot spot empty!  Create a full product display to draw in customers and increase sales.  Keep the products attractive and organized from the opening until your closing time, switching them out as needed. Using a durable plastic tray to arrange items make it easy to switch out one product for another.


We hope this list of tips helps you create a stunning display case for your bakery. With a beautiful display, you will see your sales grow in no time.