How to Properly Handle Plastic Baking Trays


A crucial component in having a successful bakery lies in having the essential equipment and tools you need to bake. Included in the list of these “must-haves” is the baking trays that come in different designs and materials. With big development in the manufacturing technologies, both the demand and supply of plastic baking trays also continues to rise.There are various advantages it brings to manufacturers and users alike, such as being lightweight, very durable, easy to make, it’s flexible, cheap to manufacture, odourless, and easy to clean. Add to this the fact that they are affordable and recyclable. 


However, despite the fact that plastic baking trays are very durable, they need to be properly handled and taken care of for longer use. Here are some care tips for you to fully utilize all the benefits these trays offer. 

Tip #1. Keeping them clean

The substances or food remnants that are left on the plastic surface of bakery trays can tarnish its colour and destroy its structural formation. Always cleaning them allows their structure to perform at its best.



Tip #2. Avoid over stacking

For standard plastic baking trays, it is suggested to have ten maximum units per stack, and at most 15 for the smaller units. This is to keep them attain their perfect shape without damaging their structural form due to constant tipping. 


Tip #3. Keeping away from extreme heat 

The major drawback with plastic trays is that they do not handle extreme temperatures well because of the degenerative nature of plastics, making them less effective in handling so much heat. So, in order to make sure that they last longer, keep them at room temperatures when possible.



Tip #4. Avoid placing them near corrosives

Strong substances such as acids and alkalis are most likely to corrode the surface of plastic trays. They can get worn out easily, harden, or look faded. Thus, in order to maintain them in perfect condition, it is important to prevent them from coming in contact with corrosives.    


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