Invest in quality plastic baking trays

 When you go into a grocery- or clothing store, you find the shelves, racks and trays full of products. Outfitting a store with the right equipment is a major investment, and for a bakery it is no different. The use of convenience trays can enhance food displays but the trays and racks don't end there. The right plastic bakery trays can be chosen according to color to promote your brand. Give all your plastic baking trays a home-flavor by adding in your business name or slogan - special touches that make it distinctly your own.

A Tray to Meet Your Loads

When you need to display your baked goods, there are different types of trays. These are manufactured in various sizes, colors and designs so that they serve all the different needs of bakers and other industries. For more than 2 decades D&V Plastics has been manufacturing exceptional baking trays for their clients in Canada.

Industries such as bakeries appreciate that the company only uses the very best quality materials for these versatile plastic baking trays so as to provide clients with the best accessories for their business. Strong, washable, hygienic, highly portable and attractive, they simply look professional and attractive as baked goods are moved from one area to the next.

Efficiently Meeting Demand

With D&V Plastics, nothing is set in stone. They have their popular standard baking trays, but with their exceptional facilities and machinery, can customize trays to suit a variety of needs. Their experts are highly trained and know how to skillfully turn out 60 of these baking trays and racks per minute.

With such emphasis on hygienic conditions to prevent disease, D&V know the importance of well-covered trays that protect the contents effective. With D&V Plastics on your side, your business can proudly compete because everything is done right.