Know More About The Plastic Trays Used by Bakeries


Plastic has been a revelation in the bakery sector. It has proven more versatile, robust, easier to clean and easier to maintain than metal baking implements. It is not prone to rusting when ‘accosted’ with water and resists discoloration, which is more than can be said of metal baking trays. Also, plastic trays come in color. So what is it that makes your humble plastic tray such a great all-rounder.


A plastic tray, be it for baking or other uses, is made from hardened silicone.


There are numerous silicone formulations, but ones used for bakery or food products must be ‘food grade’. The prerequisites for this are that it must be low-taint and non-toxic.

At D&V Plastics we manufacture our plastic trays and racks in-house. Our racks and trays use high-density polypropylene materials, a synthetic polymer, in their design. It is this which gives our trays great insulation and heat resistance properties. Compared to metal trays, our plastic trays heat up more evenly, cool faster, and their low-friction surface means they don’t require greasing and are easier to clean.

We use state-of-the-art injection molding machines for our plastic trays. Injection molding improves the build quality of the plastic tray and makes them more durable overall. Our investment in technology has meant a high-quality, study and consist result time and time again.

Moreover, the speed and capacity of machines allows us to provide responsive service. We are able to process large orders in a short span of time, allowing up to 60 bakery racks and plastic products per hour. And, of course, a hallmark of our product, it can be fabricated in a variety of custom colors and specifications.

In fact, we encourage customization. It is a great way to showcase your business’ individuality by using custom colors and marking it with your logo. Not just a way to differentiate yourself and your product, it deters theft of the trays too, given that it is much harder to hide a stolen tray that has the company’s name on it.

As we say, the best bakery tray is one which blends into the background of your business. Read more about the benefits of using our plastic bakery trays