Knowing the 'Why' Behind Your Plastic Tray Selection

While plastic trays are an ideal companion within bakeries, their practical nature comes into play amongst other businesses too.


When storing and organizing materials, the lightweight and accessible nature of plastic trays provide a superior solution.


The sizing and styling options of a plastic tray allow for a limitless range of uses within warehouses and offices, and are what make these trays so indispensable. However, selecting the perfect tray for a business warrants closer inspection into the 'why’ preceding your decision:


Realistic Function

Usually it is the first question that is the most obvious one before a purchase: “Why do I need it?” A clear understanding of this question allows you to tailor your options when it comes to the plastic tray style, size and branding, as you will come to know the form factor of the products you will store within them and the larger role they will have within your surroundings e.g. marketing.


New vs. Used

While cutting costs is always a worthwhile endeavour, you must always stay cognizant of the cost-value ratio you will be committing to. While used trays can be a great choice for baking or business enthusiasts, those taking their craft to the next level will ensure they purchase premium inventory from reliable manufacturers capable of customizing tray dimensions – a service only provided when buying new.


Financing for Volume

The volume of production can have a significant impact on the plastic tray you deem suitable for your environment; with higher volume runs come higher overall costs, ultimately affecting your tray styling. As such, we advise you determine the exact number you need so that you stay in line with your budget.


Work with the Right Supplier

As a renowned manufacturer and supplier of custom plastic trays throughout the GTA, the team at D&V Plastics have been steering clients down the right path for over 20 years. Our commitment to quality shows from our decision to keep our facility running 24 hours a day, ensuring our clients have peace of mind that they can rely on us when they need to – we’d love to do the same for you!