Our Evolution in Canada Bakery Supply

 D & V Plastics is a Canada bakery supply company specializing in the production of high quality trays and racks for bakeries and confectionery stores. Over the years, we’ve enriched the portfolio of our products from the single production line of one tray series to a full-range of baking supplies. Today, we craft and deliver premier baking trays and baking racks for various baking needs. We also have various options for tailor made solutions crafted to meet user specific needs. In case you have one such need, do not hesitate speaking to our experts. Our long-standing history of unrivalled business savvy has fueled us into working towards the creation of more innovative solutions for each venture. Our current portfolio of products spans:


Baking Trays

Baking trays play a crucial role in defining the productivity and performance of your business. First, they allow you to creatively utilize the space available in your baking store effectively without limiting your productivity on the available floor space. It is in this understanding that D & V manufactures bakery trays of different sizes, shapes and designs, with the assurance of overlapping the needs of various customers. You might need some trays, or samples for your bakery, get in touch with us for a quote. For all your Canada bakery supply needs, be sure to contact us!


Baking racks

Your baked products should be properly staked in baking trays as to enhance proper space use by using specialty baking trays. These are metallic stands designed to perfectly fit the trays without the need to strain your storage rooms. Our portfolio of baking trays is rich, depending on the primary material used, the number of stacks as well as the size. As a leading Canada bakery supply company, we pride in delivering the sheer power and excellence to every customer.