Plastic Trays in the Industry

Plastic Trays in the Industry

Plastic trays are often crafted from high density polyethylene. Plastic trays are inexpensive, durable, versatile, sanitary, customizable, and light weight, making them suitable for many different industries. D & V Plastics provides bakeries with cooling racks other baking supplies. The plastic trays are often used for baked goods in grocery stores or retail locations as well.

Their light weight and tolerance to high temperatures make them ideal equipment in the kitchen or the bakery. Plastic trays are odorless and do not conduct heat, making them suitable for transporting hot products or cooling baked goods. The grooves in the plastic trays enables easy and efficient stacking, while keeping them locked in place so that consumer goods reach the market undamaged.

The Nissei FVX660 Hybrid Injection Molding machines clamp pressures of 720 tonnes, producing plastic trays of superior durability. Because the trays have a stacking strength of 600 lbs, many levels of products can be stacked at the same time, saving space and increasing transported quantities. Ordering in bulk can seem daunting, having a large amount shipped to the company saves transportation costs. D & V Plastics’ facility and state-of-the-art machines produces up to 60 plastic trays per hour, providing time and efficiency from the very first step. The company name can be stamped onto plastic tray models with raised ledges, protecting against equipment theft or loss.

Know of other industries or uses for a plastic tray? Let us know. At D & V Plastics, our technicians and molding specialists are always committed to delivering exceptional value round the clock.