Plastic vs. Metal: Which Makes for a Better Bakery Tray?

For those who work in the bakery business, the safety of your workers and customers should always come first. The most significant factor that could impact the safety of workers and customers is a bakery’s equipment, including its bakery trays. There has been much debate over the use of plastic or metal baking trays, and which is safer and more effective. Here is a breakdown of how each type of material holds up for baking.



Flexible silicone is the type of material that is used to manufacture plastic bakery trays. This material is reliable for baking processes as it remains stable even up to 300 degrees Celsius. Silicone works better than other types of non-stick coatings on bakeware, as it allows for the easier release of foods with high sugar content. Silicone also has low chemical reactivity, which prevents the growth of bacteria. Is its name implies, flexible silicone can be bent to help with the removal of food items and to maneuver bakeware within ovens. This material is also designed be lightweight, which makes it easier to clean and helps to prevent accidents in the kitchen. All in all, plastic baking trays are an innovation intended to improve baking capabilities and improve the safety of those involved in the baking process.



There are many myths about the dangers of metal bakeware floating around; however, metals such as aluminum and cast iron are actually safe to use for baking purposes. There are no known health risks associated with baking food on a metal substrate, but there are challenges that come with using metal bakeware. Aluminum is known for its conductive properties and ability to distribute heat evenly. Metal bakeware works great for larger bakery items such as cakes for these reasons. The biggest downside to using metal bakery trays is that they tend to stick to the food heated on them.


As with any type of baking equipment, there are pros and cons to using a specific type of material. Plastic baking trays, however, have been proven to outperform metal trays in many ways, including the low-friction quality they provide as well as their greater maneuverability.


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