Quick And Easy Ways To Keep Your Plastic Tray Clean And Shiny

A plastic tray is an ideal baking companion: your baking comes out more evenly; it doesn’t require as much greasing; and it is a strong product that you can rely on to last for quite some time. A plastic tray also has the benefit of requiring relatively less clean up time than the typical metal baking tray.


A plastic tray by way of its non-stick properties requires lesser greasing - and therefore lesser cleaning effort too.


That should not be taken to mean that a plastic tray shouldn’t be or doesn’t need to be washed. To maintain health and hygiene plastic trays must be cleaned properly and using the right techniques. We take a look at some simple techniques to keep your plastic trays for baking squeaky clean.


  • Hot water – Wash that plastic tray in hot water with a good dish soap. Depending on the level of grease build-up on your tray, you may need to rinse it a couple of times. Remember, a plastic tray requires less greasing before baking and its non-stick properties make it easier to clean.
  • Heat soak – For crumbs or grease build-up which is likely to prove hard to rinse off, a heat soak is a great way to loosen its grip. Simply putting the plastic tray back in the oven or soaking it in hot water will make tough grime much easier to remove.
  • Avoid abrasives – It is tempting to use an abrasive sponge to force that last bit of debris out, but be warned it can damage your plastic tray. It can leave ugly scratch marks, and, done repeatedly, it may even cause material to be lifted from the tray.
  • Regular cleaning – Plastic trays are resilient against grime and grease build-up, but using the tray often without washing it is a recipe for some tough cleaning later on. Instead, a light but regular cleaning will ensure the tray remains bacteria-free and fresh in the long term.
  • Baking soda – This is about the most expected cleaning tip, and not just for plastic trays. Use water and baking soda to layer a thick past on your plastic tray. Leave it to settle and do its magic for a little while and, more often than not, the tray will come out looking as fresh as it was when new.


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