Quick Tips for Your Ontario Bakery Supply and Ingredients

Growth of bakeries in Canada is a result of multiple factors such as the ever-evolving health, convenience and indulgence needs of the consumers. Manufacturing revenues reached almost $7 billion last year while the costs of materials and supplies were more than $3 billion. The use of baking supplies became even more diverse and took another dimension. The Ontario bakery supply used largely affect the daily operations. In order to achieve high revenues, bakery owner should invest wisely in equipment and carefully supervise every detail of operations. This includes, most of all, ensuring that all your baked products are safe to consume at all times. By simply learning the expiry dates or best before dates on each of your bakery materials will protect the consumers.   


You need to make sure that your Ontario bakery supply is always in good condition and the ingredients are not spoiled.

Being aware of best before dates will prevent food wastage but let you have baked goods which are fresh-tasting and fulfilling. Here are some of the ingredients where expiry dates are critical, just a guideline, or can simply be ignored or unnecessary for optimal freshness and flavor.


        Oils. A musty aroma picked up by some oils will not hurt but the flavor can certainly ruin a product to be baked. Though the date on the bottle may be still far ahead, by that date the oil will ruin the flavor of the baked product.

        Seeds and nuts. The natural oil within these materials make them vulnerable to spoilage. So the oiler they get such as pecans or walnuts, the shorter their shelf life. Almonds or hazelnuts, on the other hand, last longer. It is best to store them in airtight containers in a cool, dark place.

        Chocolate. It does not spoil really and is safe to use or consume for weeks or even months after the expiry date, as long as it has been stored properly. The white dust forming on the surface is not a mold and not an indication of spoilage but is simply a sign of a quick temperature change.

        Grains and flours. Though flours can go stale after a while and stay safe to eat, however the baked goods made with them are not that stupendous anymore. Put a whole grain product such as bulgur wheat to a tightly sealed jar, along with the expiry date from the package.  

        Spices. Do not store all of your spices together since they can absorb each other odors. Place each one of them into sealed jars to maintain their pure flavors. Cinnamon will not spoil but after expiration, it loses its strength.


Though expiry dates and best before are very crucial to follow, there are some ingredients in your Ontario bakery supply which expiration is not applicable. These include honey, vanilla extract, salt and sugar. They simply do not spoil and can stay for ages. This guide coupled with the use of durable, high quality Ontario bakery supply from D&V Plastics will surely result to effective baking without wasting materials and supplies. Your bakery costs will be reduced while your revenues will be increased.