The Beauty Behind D&V Bakery Trays

From the oven to the consumer, that is how baking products should be presented, in their full complete form without any reason for the product to be damaged or deformed. This involves care and knowledge of the product sensitivity. D & V Plastics is the caring connecting arm that completes the cycle with perfection, ensuring that whether you are transporting or storing your products they will get your customers coming back for more. D & V Plastics is almost a blanket brand name for all bakery trays - we are known as a leading manufacturer of custom made bakery trays as we do not put a ceiling to the number of ideas offered as requests for new models of trays.

From whatever corner of town you need the products to arrive, our bakery trays will ensure that your products reach their destination without any scratch or damage. Our bakery trays are tough though lightweight for easy movement. They are very strong and have been carefully manufactured to handle different capacities of product weights, whether heavy or light. When dealing with food - a product of sensitive nature - hygiene is important to consider. That is why our trays are easy to clean before and after use. They are manufactured with trusted materials that do not corrode, rust or get affected by any chemical. Trusted to provide solutions, D & V Plastics provides trays with good grounding structure that offer stability during transportation, smooth corners to keep your delicate baked products safe from damage. Once the tray is full, the products fit well, fully aerated to ensure that they are served freshed. All are manufactured with consideration to be well netted and cross-stacked to save on space once the trays are empty and ready to be reused. Do you need your products to keep moving in the right direction? Walk with D & V, the brand that is on the move.