The Fundamental Science of Bakery Products

Baking is rightfully justified for being known as the scientist's approach to the art of cooking.


The science behind your baked goods is no accident; established bakers remain conscious of all the parameters surrounding the baking process to ensure quality every time.


Food science shines brightest when it comes to the intricacies surrounding baking and a Toronto bakery supply provides the tools necessary for bakers to perform this science to the best of their abilities, ensuring consistently high outputs for their customers.


Water Activity

We all know the importance that water content plays in the flavour profile of your baked goods, however, a parameter you may be less familiar with is water activity – a parameter second only to temperature in food preservation. This property sits under the field of thermodynamics and is a theory relative to food science that explains how the content of water affects a material’s biological and chemical behaviour and reaction. It can be defined as a ratio of a substance’s vapour pressure to that of pure water at a specific temperature.


This theory has led to extremely valuable practices being employed throughout the food industry - food designers have been able to exploit the concepts of water activity to produce food that demonstrates a longer shelf life as mould is prevented from growing if kept below a particular level of water activity.


Dew Point

Baked products frequently undergo protocols of controlled cooling, an important parameter to be cognisant of as condensation can take place below the dew point. Falling below this point can significantly increase the risk of mold growth within foodstuffs.


pH Levels

The pH scale was developed to measure alkalinity or acidity for aqueous products. This measure is pertinent to baked goods as foods that fall on the more acidic side of the pH scale showcase better conditions to inhibit bacterial development. This has prompted bakers to opt for acidic components to go alongside fruit based fillings, thus lowering the pH.


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