The Manufacturing Process of Plastic Trays

If you are into baking, either as a hobby that you practice at home or consider it as a business, then you will require a wide range of plastic trays for almost every application in the kitchen. Irrespective of your product preference, you might wonder how these simple yet very useful pieces of equipment are made in the first place? 

A general and customized plastic tray manufacturing process is detailed here:

What are plastic trays made of?

Most often, plastic trays are made using thermoformed materials. These include various types of plastics such as PVC, ABS, DHPE, styrene, and polycarbonate. Each of these plastic materials has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

A thermoform plastic tray is made through a special thermoforming process wherein the raw material is heated and stretched to form a certain shape or design. It is essentially a moulding process where the heated plastic is then shaped with the help of a male or female mould. One reason why most manufacturers opt for this plastic material is because of its low production cost. Apart from creating trays, this plastic is also commonly used in making ends caps and clamshells. 

How is customization different from generic manufacturing?

When it comes to the designing of a customized plastic tray, it usually follows a certain set of steps to ensure that the end product meets the client’s specifications. The very first step is accomplishing a free quote which involves a review of the intended application for the tray. More importantly, key design requirements and particular plastic tray functions are also considered. 

The next step is the purchase order wherein the design is finalized so that it can be approved by the customer. Once the client gives the go-ahead, a few samples will be supplied to the client to review the product. During this stage, necessary adjustments or changes will be made if there is any feedback from the customer. This step is followed by full-size prototyping to determine if further evaluation is required. If there is no need, then the final order can be manufactured as per the number of pieces required.

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