The qualities that make perfect bakery trays

 Often at D and V we are asked what we focus on in order to make our bakery trays as effective as possible. So, in order to assist our loyal customers, we’ve prepared this guide in order to give you a few small points on what to look for when you are shopping for bakery trays.


  • Design and color

One of the most immediate parts of the project you should consider is its design and color. Even if your bakery trays are not meant to be public-facing, they are still interacted with on a daily basis by your employees. Having vibrant and colorful bakery trays is an extremely easy way to encourage a positive atmosphere among your staff. That can translate into happier employees for your business.


        ·   Sturdy construction


It’s also imperative that you pay close attention to the design and condition of the bakery trays. You want to make sure that all the products are free from cracks or any other imperfections. Doing so will ensure that you won’t suffer any unlucky accidents during the course of your business day.


        ·   Bulk deals


Something that many businesses fail to consider is the quantity purchased when they are looking for baking trays. Many businesses simply buy enough trays to fill their demand, and then over time end up losing or damaging trays that need to be replaced in smaller batches. If they had bought a larger amount of trays upfront, they could have saved cost by receiving a bulk discount. Then, when some of the trays were lost over time to natural business wear and tear, they would be easily replaced with the pre-existing trays. It may feel like overspending, but it’s inevitable that over time you will need to replace some bakery trays.


There are many more thoughts you can keep in mind, but these three points are an excellent starting place. Thankfully, D and V plastics offer effective bakery trays in a wide variety of styles.