The types of plastic you may encounter in a plastic tray

Plastics are used all over the world nowadays. It’s not too unexpected to receive plastic tray packs, disposable cups, cans for food packaging and many other substances made of this material. Some are potentially harmful to both the environment and the people using them, while others are fit for all time applications. The materials used for plastic trays include:

Polyethylene terephthalate

It belongs in the category of polymers and has been in use since the long time ago days. It’s most applicable in textile industries and commonly used for packing food and drinks. It’s characterized by the ability to bar oxygen from entering the container which ensures that the food stays unspoilt for long periods of time.It has some desirable characteristics like lightness, strength and clarity. Most of the bottles, jam jars, cleaner container and plastic tray we use daily are made of this component.

High density polyethylene

It’s a versatile plastic whose components include two hydrogen molecules and one carbon molecule. It’s stronger as compared to polyethylene, gas permeable, stiff and moisture resistant. Plastic bags, dishes, medicine bottles, juice containers and shampoo bottles are made of this material. It’s nontoxic and highly reusable and therefore applicable in the food industry.

Polyvinyl chloride

It’s the most cost effective type of plastic although some people argue that it contains some minimal level of toxins as compared to the others.Toys squeeze bottles, clear food packages, mouthwash bottles, peanut butter and shampoo bottles are all made of this.

Low density polyethylene

It’s a component of repeating units of a single carbon molecule combined with two hydrogen molecules. Most plastic bags and beverage cups are made of this and it’s also termed as a safe plastic.

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