Three Reasons To Use A Plastic Tray Over A Metal One

Starting up a bakery in Toronto can be quite difficult. Once you register your business, get approved by your local health department, and finance your business, you still need to buy all the materials needed to run a bakery including, trays.


When baking, trays are used to hold a number of delicious unbaked goods as they enter the oven. Many bakeries use metal trays around the world, so why should you use a plastic tray?



These three reasons are more than enough to convince you to choose a plastic tray over a metal one.


Rust and Stains

Plastic trays are blessed with immortality. They don’t grow old. Metal tends to rust and stain, which may appear off-putting to customers when they visit your shop. Plastic trays don’t rust or stain, which means they look a lot cleaner!


No Grease or Oil Needed for That Sticky Dough

Don’t you just hate it when all your pastries, bread, and food stick to your metal tray? Are you tired of scraping them free? Spending too much time and money on greasing or oiling your trays? With a plastic tray, one slight twist is enough to free the stickiest of doughs due to the low-friction that plastics provide. No oil or grease needed!



Metal gets incredibly hot, incredibly fast. Our plastic trays use a hardened silicone and synthetic polymer that make it very heat-resistant. No one likes the bottoms of their baked goods dark. Plastic trays distribute the heat evenly throughout so those bottoms will never get dark!


At D&V Plastics, we make sure to give you the very best in plastic trays for your bakery. Quit using metal trays, and convert to a plastic tray! They let you save time, money and increase the quality of your goods, giving your customers the best service you can provide!