Tips for Decorating Bread Trays

The bakery industry is not just confined to tasty and fluffy bakery items. Presentation plays an equally important part in this industry. This is why bakers spend a commendable period mastering their presentation skills. Speaking about which, we know a bread tray is an indispensable part of any baker's kitchen. In this blog, we highlight a few ways you can decorate your bread trays and make them more presentable to surprise your customers and make them visit your bakery frequently. 



How to decorate your bakery trays



1. Colour coordination: Choose colours that complement the bread and enhance its visual appeal. For example, pair crusty artisan loaves with rustic wooden trays or vibrant baguettes with bright ceramic platters.


2. Textures and patterns: Add visual interest by incorporating different textures and patterns into your display. Consider using woven baskets, patterned linens, or decorative tiles as a backdrop for your bread.


3. Garnish with greens: Fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme can add a touch of freshness and fragrance to your bread trays. Place sprigs strategically around the loaves or use them as garnish on top of certain types of bread.


4. Play with heights: Varying the height of your bread creates visual depth and adds dimension to your display. Use cake stands, risers, or even overturned bowls to create different levels on which to showcase your baked goods.


5. Experiment with props: Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to props for decorating your bread trays. Vintage kitchen utensils, antique scales, or even small chalkboards can all contribute to creating an eye-catching arrangement.


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